AC Coil Cleaning

Both our residential and commercial business clients count on us here at Rocky Mountain Clean Air for air conditioner coil cleaning — an important part of maintaining your A/C system.

Residents of Denver, Colorado, know it can be 80 degrees one week and snowing the next, so we never know when we’re going to need our A/C. That’s one reason you need to keep it in top condition. You don’t want to press that button and feel lukewarm air coming out of your vents.

Air conditioners are a godsend — they make life bearable when the temperatures high and your home or office is hot and uncomfortable. But they can be mysterious if you don’t know how they work. You know they need electricity and refrigerant, but how do they turn hot air cold?

What Do A/C Coils Do?

We won’t get into a science lesson here, but we will tell you that your A/C doesn’t make your building cold as much as it removes the heat. And to do its job, your A/C needs properly functioning evaporator and condenser coils.

These coils, usually made of aluminum or copper, carry the hot air out of your home and release it outdoors. But if they’re covered in dust, they have a hard time doing their job. It puts an extra strain on the system, and it runs inefficiently. Your electric bill is higher, but your home isn’t cooler.

Equally annoyingly, your system’s blower motor drags all that dust and dirt into the system and blows it throughout your home every time it turns on. It makes for dusty furniture — and lungs.

Cleaning A/C Coils in and Around Denver, CO

Rocky Mountain Clean Air offers A/C coil cleaning services to keep your air conditioning running efficiently, and to keep your air clean.

First, we cut the electrical power to your system, take it apart and brush off the components. The condenser coils in particular are vulnerable to a buildup of leaves, sticks and grass clippings. Next, we coat the coils in a special foaming cleanser and allow it to sit to penetrate any grime.

Lastly, we hose off the coils, taking care to adjust the water pressure so as not bend the fins in your unit, put it back together and restore power.

Fresh, Clean Air

Once your A/C coils are clean, you can rest assured that your unit is working at its optimum level, and that the air flowing into your home is clean and free of contaminants such as pollen.

Contact Rocky Mountain Clean Air today to schedule an A/C coil cleaning service. Your A/C will thank you.


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