Lifetime Services

As a home or business owner, you have a lot to worry about. Paying bills, taking care of your family and having fun once in a while are all priorities. Farm out some of your responsibilities by opting for lifetime services with Rocky Mountain Clean Air.

We offer a host of services, and we recommend that several of them are performed annually to keep your HVAC system in prime condition, and to keep the air in your home or office clean and safe.

Servicing Your Air Conditioning System

We offer A/C coil and blower motor cleaning to residential and commercial customers. Keeping these important parts of your A/C unit clean means your system runs better, saves you money and keeps the air cleaner.

A/C coils get dirty, and when they do, they have a hard time releasing the hot air in your home outside. Your coils — made of copper and aluminum — can get dusty, and this dust is a barrier to heat transfer.

A dirty blower motor has to work harder to move the hot air out and the cold air in to your building. Worse, the air that it moves is tainted with dust, dirt, pollen and other debris.

Choose Rocky Mountain Clean Air to service these parts of your A/C every spring.

Air Duct Cleaning in and Around Denver

Your air ducts are part of your A/C, and if they’re full of dust, your home or office will be too — as will your lungs.

When you get your A/C serviced, take the extra step having your air ducts cleaned. Once your entire system is clean, you can be sure the air you’re breathing in your home or office is dust- and dirt-free.

Lifetime Electrostatic Filters

An important helper in the fight against dirt in your HVAC system is our reusable electrostatic filter. Most homes and businesses use disposable fiberglass filters. While you don’t have to worry about cleaning them because you just throw them away, the biggest risk is that when you have forgotten to buy new ones, you end up leaving the old one in there way past its useful life.

A clogged HVAC filter doesn’t let as much air into your home, and the air that gets in is dirtier.

It’s better to have a reusable electrostatic filter. You only have to worry about buying one. When it gets dirty, hose it off, let it dry and put it back.

Not only is this easier and cheaper — and less wasteful — but electrostatic filters do a better job. The electrostatic component actually draws contaminants to it, resulting in cleaner air flowing into your home.

Getting these services in a bundle means the air in your home or office is cleaner — and you don’t even have to think about it. We take care of that for you. Call Rocky Mountain Clean Air today.


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