Other Services

At Rocky Mountain Clean Air, we offer a variety of services to keep the air in your home or office fresh, clean and safe. Among our most popular services throughout the Denver, Colorado, area are air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and UV air purifier installation. But we also offer an array of other services as well.

A/C Coil Cleaning

Imagine if you didn’t dust your furniture for a year. Or five years. Or ever. And you left it outside. You’d have to throw it away, right?

Yet, this is how many home and business owners treat their A/C coils. They can’t see them, so they never clean them. But this is a mistake, because dirty A/C coils do not work efficiently and have a greater chance of freezing up.

Call Rocky Mountain Clean Air for A/C coil cleaning services.

Blower Motor Cleaning

Not everyone is familiar with their air conditioner’s blower motor, but it’s an important part. As its name suggests, it’s responsible for blowing hot air out of your home and cold air in.

When your blower motor is dirty, it has to work harder to do its job. Plus, when you allow dust and dirt built up on the fins, these contaminants blow into your home every time your A/C turns on.

Get A/C coil and blower motor cleaning every spring.

Crawl Space Cleaning & Waterproofing

Your crawl space is necessary, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. You probably don’t want to go in there because it’s dark and scary and full of spiders and snakes and who knows what else.

Call on Rocky Mountain Clean Air for crawl space cleaning, waterproofing and encapsulating services. We’ll make your crawl space clean and safe again.

Lifetime Services

You have a lot to think about in managing your home and business. Delegate some of the tasks to Rocky Mountain Clean Air. We’ll put you on a maintenance schedule so that you’re sure to get your air conditioner, air ducts, clothes dryer and other important home systems serviced on a regular basis.

We’re here to make your life better and easier.

Mold Remediation

Mold can be the result of recurring dampness or a one-time leak. Either way, you’ve got to get rid of it, or else it could make you sick. It’s a big job and it has to be done right. Count on Rocky Mountain Clean Air.

Sanitizing and Odor Removal

Whether you had a fire at your home, a raccoon die in your chimney or a freezer conk out while you were on vacation, we can get rid of the smell. We’re the odor removal experts in the greater Denver, Colorado, area.

Rely on Rocky Mountain Clean Air to make the air at your home or business the freshest it’s ever been.


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