Sanitizing & Odor Removal Programs

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our homes or office buildings take on an unpleasant smell. What is it? Regardless of whether you know what the smell is, Rocky Mountain Clean Air can get rid of it for you.

The Smells You Know

You may notice odors in your home or office you can identify with little trouble. The trash needs to be taken out. The litter box needs cleaning. Your kids need to shower and do some laundry. These are easily remedied.

But some identifiable odors are harder to get rid of. The dog has been out in the rain three days in a row. The smell of your mother-in-law’s pack-a-day habit has taken hold of your furniture and drapes. The new floor you had laid in the kitchen looks just like wood — but smells like plastic.

These are the types of odors you need to call a professional to get rid of. Call Rocky Mountain Clean Air.

Here in the Denver, Colorado, area, we love our bright, clear skies and fresh, mountain air. But that clear air is not always what we are breathing in our homes and offices. Our air can become stale, and even contaminated by a variety of harmful substances.

When you call our team, we come in and eradicate even the toughest odors, such as pet urine that’s seeped into floorboards or that musty odor that has taken over your basement.

The Smells You Don’t Know

We even get rid of odors you can’t identify.

A common bad odor that can linger for weeks — usually in the winter — comes from a dead animal or rodent. Whether it’s in your walls or your crawl space, even a tiny mouse can create a long-lasting, powerful stench. If the animal died somewhere in your HVAC, it’s all the worse, because the smell gets unbearable every time your system kicks on.

Rely on the experts at Rocky Mountain Clean Air to not only identify the offensive smell, but to get rid of it too. We can find the source of a wide range of uncommon smells, including dirty air ducts, chemicals, a change in your water supply or food that’s been left out and forgotten. Another source of bad odors can be food residue in one of your appliances, such as the oven, garbage disposal, toaster, fridge or freezer.

Or in the industrial setting, tools, unsanitary conditions, sewer backup, chemical processes and more can cause bad smells.

There’s a reason for bad smells — they warn us of unhealthy conditions. Garbage, dead animals, urine and feces, cigarette smoke and more can all make us sick. Smells aren’t just smelly; they’re dangerous.

Call on us today — we’ll bring you a breath of fresh air.


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